Using a Sign Language Interpreter

Follow these tips, and it should be smooth sailing.

Speak at your normal pace

Your provider will let you know if they have missed something or fallen behind.

Face the person, not the interpreter

This way you can communicate more naturally, and you won’t miss their facial expressions and body language.

Avoid phrases like “tell them” or “ask them”

Address the person you are communicating with directly.

Make room for the interpreter

The interpreter will typically be at your side, and facing the same direction as you. This allows the signing person to see both you and the interpreter at the same time.

ASL is a visual language

Make sure there is enough light so the interpreter can be seen during performances, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Allow the interpreter to do their job

During the appointment, don’t engage in off topic conversations directly with the interpreter. The interpreter is there to provide a service.


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