Introducing… Carmela!

  • November 20, 2014

There’s a new face at Rose Interpreting! We’re so fortunate to have Carmela on board. She’s Rose’s Administrative Assistant. She’s well-versed in the interpreting field and she’s a natural in scheduling. Customers and interpreters are already noticing her responsiveness and calm, friendly nature. Take a look and see for yourself why we feel so lucky!

If you haven’t worked with a deaf* person before, you may experience something new when you call and Carmela answers. An interpreter will be on the line with you, and will be interpreting your call. The interpreter will probably introduce themselves as “Interpreter # 123” and let you know that they are connecting your call. Whatever you say, they sign, and whatever she signs, they say to you. When you’re done talking you can hang up, pat yourself on the back, and tell your friends that you know how to make a call via video phone!

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