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Rae Rose


We apologize for not getting this posted sooner. We do run audio advertisements because hearing people are involved in booking interpreting services.

“Business Owners:

If you have a deaf or hard of hearing employee, job applicant, customer, or patient you probably need an interpreter to communicate with them. It’s federally mandated by law. Protect your business by calling Rose Interpreting. Rose provides professional certified and pre-certitfied American Sign Language English interpreters at reasonable rates. Rose is a veteran owned, woman owned business. To request a Rose interpreter, go to rosesignlanguage.com or call (720)232-8370. Make sure your business is ADA compliant with Rose Interpreting at rosesignlanguage.com”

Ad is read by a female voice with light, jazzy music in the background.

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Posted by: Rae Rose

Rachel (“Rae”) is the proud owner of Rose Interpreting. A family friend introduced her to deafness and sign language as a child. She was amazed when she saw that interpreting could make a difference even for children.

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