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It’s been a long time in planning, so we are very proud to announce the Rose Professional Internship Program! The gap between graduation from an IPP/ITP and actually being able to interpret effectively and sit for certification is a big one, and it’s a place without a lot of structured support. This spring, we are launching what we hope to be the beginning of a new kind of interpreting career. We’ll be pairing one intern interpreter with a small team of seasoned interpreters for community interpreting. Here’s what you should know right now:

  • This is a paid internship (stipend).
  • Internship is to run for 6 months, but may be extended if appropriate.
  • The intern will have access to work and interpreters that will develop their skills.
  • We’re using the word pairing above intentionally instead of teaming. When an appointment calls for a team, two qualified interpreters will be sent as well as the intern.
  • The intern’s progress and skill development will be tracked. Over time, the intern is expected to progress from observing the attending interpreter’s work to actually performing the work under supervision as the necessary skills, knowledge, and stamina are observed and documented.
  • Candidates should live in the Denver Colorado metro area, have reliable transportation, phone, and internet access, and be prepared to provide letter of interest, resume, and references. Background checks will be required for some work sites and candidate should be able to pass these checks.

If you are interested in taking part in this program or know someone who would be a good candidate (post IPP/ITP grad), please get in touch! We expect to start sending the lucky intern out this summer!

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Posted by: Rae Rose

Rachel (“Rae”) is the proud owner of Rose Interpreting. A family friend introduced her to deafness and sign language as a child. She was amazed when she saw that interpreting could make a difference even for children.

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My name is Allison Lockwood, I am originally from Norman, OK. I am a senior at William Woods University located out of Fulton, MO pursuing a double major in ASL Interpreting and ASL Studies. Previously, I attended a small community college in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State University- Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC), where I received a double associates degree in ASL Interpreting and American Sign Language. I graduated in December 2014 and by January 2015 is when I transferred to William Woods University. I am now at the point in my senior year that I am looking for internships. The two requirements for my internship this that I would complete a total of 300 hours of interpreting with supervision of a experienced interpreter. I have been wanting to come out to Colorado for my internship and by working with your agency I feel I can get the best experience for myself. Some of the fields that I would like to work in include; educational, performing arts, religious, and legal. Above you will find the URL to my website, where you can find my resume, my work cold, other experiences, and my contact information. Please feel free to visit my website and I hope to be in contact with someone soon. Thank you for your time.

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